VBAC – continues…

Been reading a lot about VBAC lately, I want to have all the information I can before I make my decision, and this article was so interesting


Also what I have come to realise is that your first birth matters so much!! I had no idea about VBAC when I had my Em-C with Penny, no idea that the way this first birth went would influence all of my subsequent births… not that I plan to have many ‘subsequent’ births, but I will have at least one more seeing as I’m 23 weeks pregnant!

2 thoughts on “VBAC – continues…

  1. Hi Fran, I’m quite a new reader to your blog but enjoying catching up. I’m really pleased to hear you’re considering a VBAC. I attempted a VBAC in December and I did a ton of research before and just wanted to share a really useful website with you: http://www.caesarean.org.uk/articles/VBACOnWhoseTerms.html

    Unfortunately I developed obstetric cholestasis late in my pregnancy and they chose to induce me (something I very much regret). I would say, personally, that if you do choose the VBAC route, try to avoid induction or augmentation where possible – the risk of rupture, whilst only small, is still a risk and the one thing I promised myself when I survived my rupture was that I would try and educate as many women as possible on the risks associated with induction of a VBAC. Also, on the monitoring front, I was glad in the end I was monitored as it saved my son’s life.

    With regards being in the birth centre, I would fight for your right. If a water birth is what you want, they should support it and if the midwives at your antenatal appointments won’t be drawn, ask to speak either to a Consultant or the Supervisor of Midwives. Waterproof monitors are available and intermittent auscultation is just as useful as constant monitoring. As long as you request an experienced VBAC midwife, they should be able to notice any changes in your wellbeing which would indicate any problems arising.

    Look forward to hearing more on your journey to second time motherhood.

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